Polish National Chopin University of Music (Hainan) Asia Branch Project settled in Chengmai

2023年05月29日 08:02

       On May 23, the signing ceremony of the project of theAsian Branch of the Polish National Chopin University of Music (Hainan) washeld in Chengmai. Yin Libo, Secretary of the County Party Committee, James P.Wang, the chairman of the Chopin Asia Association and chairman of ChopinInternational Education Group, and Zeng Haiyan and Lu Yi, leading cadres of theProvincial Management of the Old Town Science and Technology New Town, attendedthe signing ceremony.

       Yin Libo said that the central government clearlysupports Hainan to build an international education innovation island, whichhas given Hainan the historical mission of building a new highland for China'seducation opening to the outside world, an experimental field for educationreform and opening up, and a centralized display window. The project of theAsian Branch of Chopin University of Music (Hainan) is a specific measure toimplement this strategy. It is of great strategic significance for Chengmai toattract the return of international education consumption, and will also bringimportant opportunities for Chopin International Education Group to open up theAsian market. Chengmai will provide the best service for the projectconstruction with the greatest sincerity and best efforts, and go all out topromote the smooth construction of the project. It is hoped that ChopinInternational Education Group will rely on educational projects to play abridge role in the world and help Chengmai introduce more high-quality goodenterprises and good projects that match Chengmai's industrial layout.

       James P. Wang said that Chengmai has the blessing ofmultiple favorable policies for education in Hainan Free Trade Port, and alsohas an excellent educational foundation, which is highly compatible with thedevelopment concept and direction of the enterprise. It is hoped that the twosides will speed up the implementation of the cooperation agreement, deepen theareas of cooperation, and go hand in hand., to achieve win-win cooperation, andjointly create a new situation for the high-quality development of Chengmai'seconomy.


       It is understood that the Polish National ChopinUniversity of Music was founded in 1810 and is a music academy with a longhistory. This project plans to open the Asian Academy and China Campus of thePolish National Chopin University of Music in Chengmai, to cultivate moresenior music talents for Asia and China, and to build a "Chopin MusicTown" next to the campus as appropriate, to build a themed culturaltourism destination for music creation, leisure vacation, exchange andsightseeing.



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